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A beautiful home renovation designed to adapt and grow with the family who live here

Screenshot 2020-01-26 15.55_edited.jpg


Classic Treatment

When the architectural features of a building are as beautifully considered as this C1900 villa a light touch is required. Three colours are all that were needed to bring this lovely old lady back to life

Screenshot 2020-01-26 15.56_edited.jpg


Open and Inviting

The main entrance to this cottage was going to be the hardest working area of the home, so we clad the walls with tongue-in-groove panels to take the knocks from prams, scooters and toddlers alike! Robust and practical, but oh so pretty with duck egg blue walls and reinstated hallway arch expertly made to heritage specifications

Screenshot 2020-01-26 15.57_edited.jpg


Timeless & Gender Neutral

ABC wallpaper in cheerful yellow teams up with the blue blind and pom pom trim. Other walls are left neutral for artwork and the timber floors were re-polished and revived.  
Light, airy and neutral to suit any little bundle of joy

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